This project is a retro platform videogame made for a class in the University (ESAD Caldas da Rainha)

We were asked to design and simulate a videogame based on the name "A Era Metalozoica". Other than that, the only other restriction was that it had to be a platform game.

My idea was based on an alien invasion in a distant future (year 3020), in which there would be human colonies in other planets.
The story would be centered on one specific character, and it wouldn't be a "hero that saves humanity" kind of game. In fact, the story would be much deeper and focus on the feelings and personality of this main character (a super soldier) as he is faced with adversities, the horrors and dangers of war, betrayal, greed, revenge, and even deals with multiple disorders in his own mind.
Title screen
First concept for the main character
Concept art for the first level on Mars
A test for a walking animation
A simulation of the first level on Mars, with the UI.
A simulation of a level in a city, with the UI.
A level in which the character joins forces with some aliens.
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