Fifth edition
EVA is a festival held in Caldas da Rainha at Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD.CR), often arranged by the 3rd year Multimedia Students. Every year is a different edition so we tried to make something we would be proud of and be able to make the festival grow in all aspects even more for the upcoming years.
Our theme began with a joke of everything being "Illuminati confirmed", so we decided to use triangles as our image concept. As we thought things through, we actually started to fit the triangles to what the festival would be about: the triangle can represent the 3Dimension world (X,Y,Z) and also the RGB colour model, which we use in everything that's digital.
So our first step was to decide how the logo would be and which fonts we should use. Through lots and lots of sketches, research and colour studies, this was our result:
1st day
André Godinho Video & Film Director
Hélio Frazão Concept Artist
Lovely Grain Game Design Studio
Hi-Interactive App & Motion design
2nd day
Since one of our teachers couldn't make it into the festival, we made a portrait of how we see her in trixels.
We also decided to make portraits for the staff and use it as an ID both in social media and during the event.
Thank you to everyone else who cooperated!
Thank you for watching!
Suggestions are welcome
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