Feels App
Feels is both a personal emotion monitoring tool and a social network, where people can share their emotions and find motivation.
Tab 1: Checkup

This is the main tab, where the user can set all the emotions they are currently feeling.
Through the input of smart devices, the app would learn how the user is feeling, suggesting certain emotions during auto checkups or detecting mood swings.

Tab 2: Following

Here's where the user can see what people they follow are posting and also how they were feeling at the time.

Tab 3: Quotes/Search

In this tab, users can search for whatever they're looking for in the app and they can see/love quotes created by other users (and create their own too). These quotes can be tailored to the user, based on their emotions, in order to get quotes more suitable for dealing with certain emotions.
Tab 4: Profile

In the user's profile, one can see their emotion history, posts and stats related to these emotions. The user has the option to keep their profile private if they choose so.
Despite also being a social network, users could keep all data and stats to themselves.

Tab 5: Preferences

This is where the user can choose his/her settings and connect smart devices.
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